When the '66 BATMAN Live Action TV Series was released to the public a few years back at TOY FAIR, there were two resounding groans of upset. One was that you had to buy a two-pack in order to procure a Robin and two, no Yvonne Craig Batgirl! We had waited close to fifty years, you made Catwoman but you couldn't throw us Bat-fans a bone? Then in a swift move at the very last minute, announced that they would be having TOYS R US Exclusives at their SDCC booth. And one of them would be the 6-inch BATGIRL from the classic TV series for $20. A totally reasonable price but what the big wigs failed to announce was that just a week after Con, TOYS R US would have their in-store and online Exclusive of a brand new BATMAN, ROBIN & BATGIRL 3-Pack. So being the "completist" I am when it comes to toys, I'm out close to a c-note for the SDCC Batgirl which has no SDCC sticker, a necessity in the Exclusive world. Plus I shelled out another $50 plus for the TRU 3-pack.

Batgirl1 BATGIRL7

Normally I'd be thrilled talking about the '66 YVONNE CRAIG BATGIRL so I'm just gonna take my ire down a notch! It is a pretty sweet looking figure and Yvonne's curves are ever present even after all these years. The figure is perfect for the line that suddenly just kind of stopped production with like, a hundred other items still left to produce. ('66 BATCAVE PLAYSET ANYONE??) OK, now, the figure. The packaging is right out of the swinging 60's. Fresh out of an AUSTIN POWERS movie opening scene. In a word: Groovy. And I dig that because that was part of the charm of the TV show: they knew how cheesy it all was and they didn't care.


My first real introduction to a live action Batman was on reruns on the '66 show so a lot of these "new" characters were coming to life for me for the first time. And man did I love Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. In fact, she was probably one of my first TV crushes even though the show had been off for a good fifteen years at that point. I loved that Barbara Gordon's innocuous pad turned into a "room re-transformer" where her bed would rotate to reveal her costume and suits and weapons. Just super dope to see at any age. And every fanboy's dream!


The figure itself is fairly boilerplate. It is hard to say if the likeness is that spot on because of the mask but I will say that the Adam West alternate head on the Batcomputer set is spot on. The purples really pop on this figure and I really dig how her cowl seamlessly goes into her cloth cape that immediately reminded me of the old SUPER POWERS figures capes. BATGIRL comes with a collector card as well as a base for standing which is a nice touch especially if you collect the rest of the line. And good news Bat-fans, MATTEL has announced that they are going to be giving the '66 line another shot at retail so who knows what we will see next. The articulation on the figure is there but nothing to write home about. I think it is just enough to do basic poses which is fine by me. From a bargain standpoint, I do not even know if the single BATGIRL is available anymore but definitely jump on the three pack if it is still available at your local TRU where it is an Exclusive.


In the end, the figure is a winner because I have been waiting over 30 years for it and it looks terrific. Plus now I have two! As for what's next with the '66 BATMAN line, who knows? Tune in tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!!


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