NECA rocked the internet world and 1989 Batman fans on October 2nd. A surprise announcement the day before NYCC caught everyone off guard.
NECA was doing a Kenner tribute Batman. It's based on Kenner's 1992 Tec Shield Batman. It uses the same mold as their other 2 1989 Keaton Batman figures. See our review HERE and my thoughts on those amazing figures.


There was one catch though. You had to be a LootCrate subscriber to order it. Lots of people immediately signed up to be able to purchase this figure. I mean, look at that packaging. Right out of 1992 and giving me a gigantic shot of nostalgia. But, there was a problem! This was for LootCrate subscribers BEFORE this figure was announced. The fans went berserk!
LootCrate has since said there are two ways to get this Batman. Buy a crate, or back their TMNT Spirit Of Splinter box and gain access.

This is one hell of a swan song for NECA for their 1989 Batman figure. Of course, I would've loved to get a whole run of these repaints, but Randy confirmed on social media that this was indeed their last Batman figure.

As a fun piece of trivia, Tec Shield Batman wasn't the only figure to sport that same color scheme. Kenner also released Aero Strike Batman with that very same deco.
I wish NECA would've gotten the green light to do a whole wave of these. The sale has 4 days left, so it while you can!

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