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Words by Robert Trate

Our man on the ground, Toy Shiz (see his complete coverage HERE) has just informed us that there are more Black Series action figures on their wave. First and foremost, "Less waves! More figures! Less repacked and such! A more even distribution was talked about in detail". Hopefully, this means the Black Series figures will be easier to find. Additional news covered in the images below is that we will see characters from Star Wars Rebels get Black Series renditions. A retro wave of figures (Pilot Luke, Boba Fett, IG-88, and Bossk) will be returning (thank the maker!). Oh, and Zuckuss will be exclusive to the Disney Store (which means he will easy to find)! Check it all out below in Toy Shiz's coverage! #AFJ4LIFE

Editor's Note: The first two images are from the Star Wars Vintage (3.75") line! Too cool not to share!

Store exclusive Play-sets! Shout to @weareallrebelscum for the photos!

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