Junkies, today is the fifth of the month, a dark day for us, but one in which we remember our founder Jarrett Kruse. We have a special letter from his mother Dianne to all of you.

To the AFJ Family,

One half of a year...six months, about 180 days—-seems like a lifetime has passed and then again it seems like just yesterday that our Captain Junkie—Head Junkie in Charge—-our Jarrett—left us...all of us.  Not anything he WANTED to do, but somehow it happened....just as his wish, his first love, his whole life and what he lived for, was coming alive.  Yes, six months since our lives were changed forever.  Jarrett so wanted to be with and stay with all of us...all of you.  How he loved being on the site communicating and getting to know all of you, hoping that you would get to know him...that was his dream...a dream he is not able to touch except through all of us...HIS AFJ FAMILY.  If I may, I would like to take a moment to tell you who Jarrett really was.  He was kind, caring, generous to a fault, stubborn, tough, and NEVER EVER FORGOT ANYTHING...EVER!  His mind recorded and stored everything.  He could immediately give a date, a year, and even a time when something happened in his life...good or bad, happy or sad.  Until that awful car accident...that’s when his life took a turn and he was forever changed. But he fought...hard...and overcame his difficulties...and as a result of tragedy, AFJ was born.  Besides missing our Jarrett more than words can say, I miss the love and passion that he put into AFJ each day, each night, each minute of each day.  The happiness he felt when he met and became so close to they were together always, was a joy to watch.  To watch Jarrett work 24/7 on AFJ was fascinating.  I didn’t really understand much of what AFJ was really about (I did eventually get it) but just seeing the joy it gave Jarrett made me realize that this was what he was supposed to be doing.  The love in Jarrett’s heart was for those he loved and for the Action Figure World/Universe and he wanted to reach everyone in it.  If he could have, he would have met each one of you individually and gotten to know you as a Junkie and a person.  That’s just who he was.  As we try to go on, Papa Junkie, Jason, MJ and I want you to know that although Jarrett is not here physically, he is around us every day giving us signs that we should forge ahead and let him live on through AFJ.  Whoever said that time heals all wounds certainly does not live within my body, nor the bodies and minds of those who knew and loved him most, but I do know without a doubt that he is watching and sees how much hard work is going into his dream.  I give you my word and I will stand by it no matter what, AFJ IS and will always stand for ALL FOR JARRETT. Papa Junkie and I once again and always thank all of you who have given us the strength to go on each day: Jason, Jason, MJ, Stephanie, Logan, Ross, Bradley, RJ, Christina, Evan, Rick, Jessica, Robert, Mark, Marc, and all of those in the Junkie Universe.  We may have lost our Captain Junkie but we are grateful that we gained the people who Jarrett loved and those who will be with us always.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make this journey a little easier to bear.  Jarrett...we all love and miss beyond the moon and back.  Keep watching Ja...we will make you proud... till next time... Mama and Papa Junkie

AFJ included Jarrett's Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk BAF Review for your viewing pleasure.

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    Angela Motto July 5, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    What a beautiful post which I know came from your heart.Yes, he will always be with all of you and I’m sure he is so proud that you are all keeping his dream going!
    All my love to you all,


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    Mindy Bonnet July 5, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    Dave and Diane,
    This is so beautiful. AFJ lives on. He is watching all of you fulfill his dream and his passion.
    Love Mindy

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