I had been on a losing streak of my monthly box subscriptions. In fact, I had been thinking, "You did it for six months, you gave it a chance but its time to move on." Then my DC LEGION OF COLLECTORS box showed up with its Suicide Squad theme and made me giddy with obsessive fan delight. Isn't that always the way? Right when you're ready to give up on something is when they come through. Lets go through the box and see what was included.


Finally a pin and patch that are super cool looking. Most of them have been very G-rated but these lend themselves to the R-rated August 5th release from Warner Bros. The Deadshot pin is perfect and the Katana patch is definitely something I would put on my luggage if A) I had luggage or B) someplace to go. Still, solid all around.


I have basically been in these boxes for the t-shirt and the POP! Vinyl until now. The shirts have been stellar and this month's goes above and beyond. I am starting to love the POP! tees as much as I love POP! Vinyls themselves. This tee led by the Joker & Harley, Katana, Deadshot & Flagg is just awesome looking and a shirt I will definitely be wearing at Con in a few weeks. I can see a POP! Vinyl cartoon right around the corner.


Although she was not my first choice of POP! Vinyl to get in this month's box, Enchantress looks pretty dope. Scarily clad in her witchy woman style that makes her look like shes just punched out from the late shift at a strip club in Reno, I think that fans are going to love this POP's look. It really encapsulates what the character is all about.

SUICIDE8Yes, its the POP! Suicide Squad comic book and it is just "eh" in my book. I think that it would be cool to do a running variant cover for comic book collectors. Its a good bathroom read but certainly nothing you need to bag and board.

SUICIDE6This was the awesome bombshell that dropped as I dug through my box to find two super-awesome looking 3 & 3/4" figures. One of Joker and one of Harley, in one fell swoop, FUNKO has managed to resurrect the 3.75" action figure line! Prices were immediately soaring on eBay last week as soon as these dropped and well worth it because these are awesome. And they have a ton of detail to boot!

SUICIDEOverall, I am supremely happy with this month's LEGION OF COLLECTORS box and it was exactly the shot in the arm that the blind box market needed. Well done FUNKO!


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