Yes, yes, I know that it is only an Exclusive at Entertainment Earth for a small period of time but first is first! They got it before anyone else and that carries weight with me as EE continues to carve their brand into the stratosphere. And that's what matters in this business of toys. I am pretty much used to a steady diet of new MARVEL LEGENDS practically every other month at this point. In fact, for some Junkies, it takes months just to locate some LEGENDS. Anyway, this one is ready for order on and can be yours by the end of the week. And you know what? It needs to be, because this set is a real coups.

EE76There is no doubt that once the Junkies collectively heard RDJ as Iron Man, announce, "UNDEROOS!" back in March, we all pretty much flipped out and counted the hours until CIVIL WAR hit theaters. And the film was a resounding success on all fronts making us forget about that whole other DC gladiator match from a few months earlier. (I know its not a comparison but come on! Regardless of if you loved BVS, you cannot say that CIVIL WAR had a more upbeat tone.)


The three pack includes Battle Damaged iterations of Captain America, Iron Man & Spider-Man. I should add that this is the first Spider-Man figure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe produced making it a must have for LEGENDS Junkies. And when I say these are "Battle Damaged," I don't mean just a couple of scratches. These guys have been through one heckuva fight dividing The Avengers until the next chapter in the series. Lets go figure by figure and breakdown the case.


First up is Captain America who progressively, since his debut in The First Avenger has had wide and varied costume changes. First it was a utilitarian war-time suit, then by the time the first Avengers filmed rolled out, the suit had become a very bright blue and strong reds. Then through each successive appearance, things seemed to go back to basics to a darker tone and almost like a Batman type suit from The Dark Knight where it looks like a bunch of pieces that go into one suit. I think Cap's best look yet was in CIVIL WAR, just my opinion.


As far as the 3-pack goes, they match Cap's onscreen look perfectly. It looks like he has been through hell with all sorts of black sut-like darkening of his midrib area. It is not overkill but just right with the right amount of blending on the folks at HASBRO that did the deco on the piece. It looks sharp and as much as I liked the Cap in the CIVIL WAR wave of LEGENDS, I think this Exclusive 3-pack version trumps it. Throw in the seriously damaged Shield made of Wakandan Vibranium and its a no brainer. I should note that Cap comes with an alternate, no-mask head but without Chris Evans likeness, it is a tough sell so I rarely alternate.


Next up is Iron Man who right away I had a laugh that hearkens back to Iron Man 3 when Tony calls the cable guys tattoo of him, "A Hispanic Scott Baio." It is tough not to think that when you see the alternate head!

DITKOSPIDEY7Man does this Iron Man rock in that it is full on, battle damaged and ready for action. Half of his face-plate is charred as is a majority of his left side with some parts of his chest piece. It really looks well done in person. I like the bonuses of having four different blasts, two blue, two orange/yellow fire like. YOU WILL LOVE IT Junkies!

Next up is the debut of the kid form Queens who needed a top to bottom systemic reboot of his suit for his unique powers. Enter Tony Stark (and Peter Parker's strangely attractive Aunt May) to give young Peter the overhaul he so desperately needed. This in my opinion is the money figure because it is its debut in figure form. Clearly smaller than the Cap & Tony, I think that they did the best to translate the movie suit without compromising integrity for those that just want a LEGENDS Spider-Man. As far as the lines and design of the suit, I think that they nailed it. The Spider-crest on his chest is definitely a little different than the Ditko-like costume we saw in the movie so it is more of a hybrid I think.

Ditko Spidey

Ditko Spidey

Big bonus for Spidey is that he is holding Cap's shield in what has become known as the "Underoos" scene. I couldn't imagine posing him in any other web. If only it came with some webbing for Cap's hands! The purists may not like the modernizing of the suit for the 21st century comic book movie/Spidey-figure but I thin think for their first shot? They hit it out of the park. The Shield looks so totally dope as if it just took a repulsor beam head on. It is damaged and scratched and looks just tremendous.



It is a must have set for any LEGENDS collector. I think that these are going to sell like gangbusters and I already know that they are sold out as of today on EntertainmentEarth. So that's it for now from Junkies HQ true believers! Excelsior!


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