By Jarrett Kruse

It is always a nice thing to cold e-mail a company and have them respond super enthusiastically. It does not happen very often but when it does, you remember why you got in this game to begin with. JADA TOYS is having a big year and they have a real comer on their hands with white hot METALS line. Fortunately, JADA TOYS e-commerce manager Darryl Li is a heck of a nice guy and sent a dream package to AFJ Headquarters. The best way to describe the METALS line come from the words of time traveler Marty McFly when he said, "This is heavy."


I could have kept the box sealed and cancelled my gym membership and used the box as a free weight. However, I dug through the box like a hungry Charlie Bucket with a candy bar to find not one, but two of my favorite properties, the old school and the new. They could have just sent one or two as a sample but JADA went first class all the way sending me the entire Ghostbusters & Suicide Squad waves....including their two-packs & oversized METALS! I was seriously wowed at the generosity by JADA TOYS and their commitment to the toy community. And if I did not love the product, I would not be writing anything about it--that's just not my way or how I operate. However, for those that might be Vinyl'd out or looking for a new cost efficient and fun collectible, you really are going to love the METALS line. Caution though: These really are heavy!


Stamped proudly on all of the METALS boxes are "CAUTION" reminders that what you are about to pick up is legitimately heavy. I love that angle of how the company is not hiding anything but instead laying it all on the line saying, "Yes these are toys but watch out, they are heavy." And not just heavy in poundage, these carry the proverbial weight of a possible seismic shift in the world of collecting. More and more Junkies tell me about the exorbitant extras they want in a figure before throwing down their hard earned cash. How many times as kids were told not to fool with something because it was heavy? Hundreds! And heavy meant what? Expensive. But here, as an adult, heavy immediately goes back to your childhood thinking of, "this must really cost a lot of money!" However, quite the contrary. In fact, METALS are some of the most "bang for your buck" items on the market today.

JDROBOAfter a breakthrough license for the RoboCop reboot in 2014, it seems that JADA TOYS is bent on world toy domination picking up more and more impressive licenses including the mega-movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice & Captain America: Civil War. Their Armored Batman became a hot item among Junkies and was a terrific "gateway" piece for collectors to start their collection off. Now, more and more Junkies are asking me if I have added any METALS to my collection. Finally, I can answer with a resounding, "Yes" as I go through the wonderful assortment that Darryl Li sent to AFJ Headquarters.

As far as how the METALS line came to be, e-commerce manager Darryl Li had all of the right answers. "The METALS line was born from the idea of changing the way fans and collectors perceive collectables. We saw an opportunity to create something new that could differentiate us from the rest of what is currently being offered," says Li. As far as "why diecast?" Li adds, "because Jada has always held expertise when it comes to working with die-cast, we saw it as a perfect opportunity to create something completely new."
Darryl went on to articulate just where exactly the METALS line is headed as well. "As for new and exciting licenses, we have many many new properties coming to the METALS line in the near future. Some properties include WWE, Star Trek, Dr. Strange, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just to name a few." I have to think that Darryl has a couple aces up his sleeve that he did not share with us but maybe we will see something at their Comic Con booth later this month.
When I posted the Suicide Squad roster of METALS on the AFJ page, the buzz became palpable from quite a few Junkies. Suicide Squad has been generating more and more positive buzz with each new trailer so the expectations are definitely high for the Warner Bros. film. The Suicide Squad METALS have that perfect mix of real action figure feel and collectible sensibility. These are absolutely perfect for posing on your favorite shelf and the more you populate your collection, the better. I even went ahead and tried to locate some of the Civil War METALS because I totally missed the boat on those. In particular, I really loved the paint job on these and the facial expression they manage to harness via their signature look. This is not a vinyl toy that will break if dropped, these are the 4 by 4 trucks of the collecting universe. My favorite had to be the tatooed Joker from this wave which also included a second Joker with pistol, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc & Deadshot. In addition to looking awesome, I love, love, love the packaging which is a key selling point among Junkies. They come in a solid corrugated style cardboard tough enough to handle the weight of a METALS figure.
By the time I got around to the Ghostbusters, I immediately thought, "this takes the sting away of a new Ghostbusters film without the original 'core four.'" Yes I know they are not meant to be compared to the original film/cast but how can you not? Especially when their is awesome new product like the Ghostbusters METALS being made! These capture the 32-year old film perfectly and have that retro vibe to them. Putting the team together with a bonus Slimer & slimed Venkman 2-pack, made me positively giddy as an old school fan. Then the coups de grace is the oversized STAY PUFT Marshmallow Man standing close to 7-inches. It matches perfectly with the set and you almost wish that Jada Toys was around in 1984!

I was very impressed with the METALS and to be honest I am really looking forward to see what they come up with next. I know that they did an excellent Batmobile for BVS but I would love to see some "no assembly required" vehicles down the road as the line grows and comes into its own. I think that it is fair to say that METALS, at a very fair price point, is going to start giving its competitors a run for their money. METALS give new meaning to the word "heavy" and I loved what I saw in this first assortment and recommend all Junkies to try one out for between $10 & $13. Now that's deal I can get aboard on no matter how heavy the product!

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