Harley Quinn has seriously taken on mythical proportions as the queen of Gotham City. Her meteoric rise on the pop culture landscape over the past two decades is unprecedented, especially for a female character. And it certainly did not hurt to have Hollywood ingenue Margot Robbie play the titular role in the critically panned but major moneymaker SUICIDE SQUAD. This certainly will ensure that Harley's presence in the DC Films world will continue for years to come with GOTHAM CITY SIRENS already announced.
As if that were not enough, the New 52 from DC COMICS has given Harley an interesting new look with a Japanese twist from KOTOBUKIYA. Based on a new illustration done by master artist Shunya Yamashita, this boutique style, the upscale piece really scratches me where I itch. While I normally am focused on points of articulation in my collecting, it is hard not to be enamored with KOTOBUKIYA's simple approach to their statues. They have an action figure feel but also are brilliantly detailed pieces to show off in your man-cave.

The new Harley comes with her very skimpy New 52 outfit that lends itself perfectly to the Bishoujo style we have come to know and love from KOTOBUKIYA. Harley rocks this new look in a blue & red harlequin style outfit complete with thigh-high stockings on a checkered base. I like that they strayed from the classic black, red & white suit and made her just a little crazier looking. The coups de grace have got to be the piece's oversized mallet that you can snugly fit over her shoulder with ease. Harley also has a pair of twin holstered pistols that attach to her gun belt with spare ammunition clips that hug her curvaceous waist. The new M.I.C. sculpt is close to 9-inches tall and is truly a sexy new look for the former Dr. Quinzel. I particularly liked the way her skin looks as it is an understated white mixed in with her natural tones that make for a very satisfying but not overwhelming clown appearance.
The paint apps are top notch as you would expect from any KOTOBUKIYA piece. The reds and blues (almost purple) mesh perfectly and they are not overwhelming to the trained action figure eye. It is most definitely a reboot-style look for Mistah J's number one gal and I think that other figures and statues will follow suit with her new duds. However, no one captures the female form better than KOTOBUKIYA's Bishoujo statues and that is where they succeed so greatly. This piece retails for about $75 but I have seen it fluctuate too much less on e-tailers like Amazon. Highly recommended to pick up for the die-hard Harley Quinn fan that just can't seem to get enough of her type of crazy.


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