By Jarrett Kruse

The subscription box craze has reached its zenith and in 2016, their is virtually a box for every person in your life. Heck, their is even a "Bark Box" for your furry little family members. While LOOTCRATE, NERD BLOCK & GEEK FUEL have been around for some time now (LOOTCRATE just won a big time award for a private company), we are about a year into MARVEL's COLLECTORS CORPS. The bi-monthly box, six boxes a year, is a definite must have for some especially if you are a Junkie that is into little chochkas. However this months box left me a little lukewarm at what I am paying for.


Every box has a different theme and this month's was appropriately called, CIVIL WAR box to tie in with the blockbuster movie. However, despite seeing the movie three times in ten days, I was underwhelmed with the CIVIL WAR box. Sure it is nice to have for $25 plus shipping but I am yet to really get blown away where I say, "Wow, I can't believe I did not order that box!" What I mean to say is that for $33 every two months, I want to be seriously wowed at what I get in my box. Lets go through this month's box, piece by piece and you Junkies can decide for yourself.


I have to say that the cardboard box that both MARVEL COLLECTORS CORPS & DC's LEGION OF COLLECTORS comes in, is a fantastic box! I know that sounds silly but the box is a strong cardboard and is folded in a way that is perfect for presentation. I cannot believe I am applauding at what a nice box this stuff comes in! Okay so after you undo the tape, the first thing you see are two things that I have absolutely no use for since I am over 10 years old and it is not 1985. The box comes with a patch and a pin. This month the pic is of Black Panther and the Patch is of Crossbones. Sadly, I do not have a denim jacket anymore and I really have no use for these. I wish they would mix it up to even a sticker that I can put on my laptop because A) I don't how to sew and B) even if I did, I'm probably not going to. I have seen a lot of these baubles up on eBay because like me, there is a big crowd of people that do not need this stuff.


As you get deeper into the box, we have the t-shirt which is one of the main attractions for me. In addition to Action Figures, I am an absolute T-Shirt Junkie. This month's T-Shirt is FUNKO's POP! Vinyls of Cap & Iron Man pitted against each other with a decisive line down the middle featuring the other ancillary characters from the film all in POP! form. Its cute and I will wear it but I have heard a lot POP! backlash as of late for one reason or another.


Next is, of course, the POP! VINYLS Exclusive 2-pack featuring Captain America VS Iron Man. This 2-pack has Iron Man in flight with a repulsor ray hand out and Cap is ready to throw a punch with his shield up. I like it, I like that its Exclusive, but is it a "must have?" Not by a long shot.


Then their is the comic book featuring a POP-cover of Black Panther and Captain America and fortunately I received the elusive "Variant" cover. However its not much more than a Free Comic Book Day type of book. Really no great shakes here.


I liked that they included a CIVIL WAR keychain type item that they actually suggest you put the pins onto. I am using it for my keys which I am always losing and wearing it around my neck but its really just a lanyard type thing that cost cents to make.


Lastly is the Exclusive FUNKO DORBZ of Tony Stark/Iron Man with his face-plate up. I like DORBZ but I am not in love with them. If it is a property that I really am passionate about, like the forthcoming BACK TO THE FUTURE ones, I will buy them. The rest, I will probably give to Junkies for one of our many giveaways.



It is a decent box at best with a very average, one-note feel to it. I think that they should forego with the pins & patches because they are kind of useless for adults. I think my favorite part is the T-Shirt and the POP! two-pack is cool but I would much rather have had a "battle-damaged" version of the two titans that square off in the film. I think they may have underestimated how well received Black Panther was going to be in his screen debut. He was just awesome in the movie and Junkies everywhere are trying to land a figure of T'Challa as it looms near $100 on eBay.

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