Some days you just have to thank God that you chose your desired profession. Today is one of those days because the new 12-inch MARVEL LEGENDS Captain America came in to my wide eyed astonishment. I was on the fence about this new endeavor for HASBRO when I was in their showroom at Toy Fair but now that its here, my worry was unfounded.


I know that some will be disappointed for a minute or two that the figures face is not the Chris Evans likeness. That will go away pretty darn fast once you get this baby out of the box. It really has quashed any worries I had over the past several months. First of all the figure is well proportioned without any significant issues. In my opinion, some of the older 12-inch LEGENDS seemed a little too POPEYE like but here their is nothing to worry about.


The old "POPEYE" look of the 12-inch LEGENDS!

This iteration of Captain America is the utilitarian look that reminded me most of a hybrid between his suit in the first film and some of what we see in the comic books of yore. The piece comes with four extra accessories including the dopest shield I have ever encountered that is almost as big as an old MU figure. Along with that we get a bonus set of hands with movable fingers and an additional Steve Rogers head along with extra removable headgear. I really dig the hybrid of looks that they managed to pack into this one figure spanning 50 years of Captain Americana.


A lot of Junkies were worried about the shoulder pads but honestly once you get the figure out of the box, you completely forget about it. The reason? Total poseability so that you do not even realize they are there. Despite the head not matching Chris Evans' mug in the films, the no headgear look is a very sleek & clean appearance to the figure. I love that the option to put the headgear on mid-battle for your play-scenes is there. And I seriously cannot say enough about the shield gang--you will love it, seriously.

One of the things that sometimes can have a glaring notice on is the LEGENDS paint apps and the "deco" as industry insiders call it. However, on this scale, the paint is dead on because I am guess, they have a lot more figure to work with. So I was pleasantly surprised at this from the get go. You'll feel like it is Cap putting on the suit for the first time when you take it out for display or play. Its a winner all the way around gang.


Buy it. Buy it today before people realize that it is still in stock on the TOYSRUS WEBSITE here: This is the figure that 12-inch fans that are a little tired of the six-inch figures and who think that the 1/4 scale figures are too pricey and big. However, this is the perfect combination for Junkies looking to stretch their hard earned dollars.

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