It is hard for me to process that Batman Begins was released over 10 years ago in 2005. That film would redefine what superhero movies could be on every visual level. They could satiate not only kids appetites for superheros but mass appeal to adults. In fact, as much as I loved BATMAN in '89 as a 12-year old, Batman Begins trumped the Burton classic as the best origin story for Bats. And it holds up over a decade as a triumph in filmmaking and modern day directing. Christopher Nolan's masterful strokes made Christian Bale's Batman, my favorite Batman of them all.


Now, Randy Falk and his workshop of busy action figure craftsmen at NECA have furnished the Junkies with the all new 1/4 Bale Batman and it is worthy of Nolan's brilliant Bat-trilogy. The packaging from the get go, is nothing short of perfect and houses the 1/4 scale piece exceptionally well.


The cardboard is thick and definitely will have some kind of safety device on it when TOYS R US starts carrying this beauty. NECA implements all parts of the package and the windowbox is adorned with the Bale Batman insignia that bleeds over into the plastic from the cardboard. The sides of the box show Batman in various poses and all of the extras, accoutrements & even posing ideas. From a marketing standpoint, NECA is giving us the whole ball of wax here of just exactly whats inside the box.

BB2It is a little difficult to see from the outside, but the cape is tucked away nicely for the collector. Upon opening I was blown away because the fabric cape spreads over 3-feet wide! 39-inches in total making Batman's go to cloak work amazing for your personal Bat-display. You almost think that the fabric is going to work the way Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) shows us in the film! Its just that large. You want more extras?

BB10You've got 'em. The new NECA Batman comes complete with a Grappling Gun, a Large Foldable Batarang, a small Batarang, 2 mini-mines & the cherry on top is the concealed hypersonic sounder in Batman's boot! WHAT?!?

BB5This is an absolute steal at just about $100 and the sculpt is so dead on, it is something out of Madame Toussaud's wax museum. I always considered Bale's Batman in the first installment as a character still finding his legs and his suit goes through rigorous tests before he actually dons the cape & cowl. This suit is far different than the one he wears in the two sequels but carries a minimalist weight to it that I love. He is still getting his footing as Gotham's vigilante and I should note that this is a wholly different Batman than the one we reviewed a few weeks back of Bat-Fleck.

This is something remarkable that was crafted by a team I had the privilege to spend a work day with. I especially love the utility belt and the way it balances out the suit that has not quite been fit to Bruce Wayne's full specs yet. Still it manages to pull off that look that it is not just a suit but a group of parts put together as one hauntingly scary scourge of criminals. Another home run from NECA with 5-stars all the way around.



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