By Jarrett Kruse

If someone had told me that Walgreens would be the go to spot for Exclusive figures 10 years ago, I would have said they were crazy. However, the retailer has thrown down Mjolnir to show that they can compete with the big dogs mainly by carrying Exclusive Marvel Legends figures a few times a year. Despite having close to 10 within a 15-20 mile radius, I had to ask Seek, one of the AFJ Admins, to send me a pair. I am so glad I was able to get this figure quick because I absolutely love it.


That is really saying something because historically, in the comic books, Namor aka Sub-Mariner, is a supremely unlikable guy. He is pompous, droll, and completely out of touch with the human condition. There is Atlantis and that is his kingdom for which he will forever fight no matter the cause. Basically, the ocean is his, not the other costumes in the MARVEL Universe. I think that this would actually be a really tough character to bring into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Despite the lukewarm response to Jason Momoa as Aquaman in a brief scene in this year's biggest box office bust yet, Batman V Superman, I never really dug the underwater heroes. However, I did read quite a bit about the old days of Namor when he was first introduced into the House of Ideas back in the late 30's. The character has certainly evolved but basically the guy can really be a total douche, but, a douche you want on your side. After all, he is one of the six MARVEL Illuminati and that carries with it some heavy responsibility.


So the figure itself is definitely one of my favorites of 2016. I har because its a LEGENDS piece but more than that, the figure looks badass. The designers managed to really nail Namor's constant scowl and Spock-like appearance. His lean and lithe frame makes it appear that if you threw this figure in the tub, he'd start swimming. I absolutely love the colors on this figure and it goes with the terrain. Somehow rocking the unitard like a 70's rock God works for the Sub-Mariner. The turquoise, black and off-yellow really make this figure a can't miss for Junkies.


As if that were not enough, Namor is equipped with an extra set of hands that are all webby like comparable to the ones Kevin Costner had in Waterworld. The Trident is the cherry on top of the sundae here with the weapon standing taller than the figure itself. In a word: awesome. Pick this one up today gang or have your friendly neighborhood Junkie pick it up for you if your local Walgreens is plum out. Good luck!



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