Just for the record, I do not keep up with ARROW and am about 2 & 1/2 seasons behind! That being said, I really did enjoy last year's crossover and Green Arrow has always been one of my favorite DC characters. However, once I missed the first season and had obligations to review other shows, it became a crazy game of catch up. Anyway, The Flash continues its excellent run last week (I apologize for the extreme lateness of this review) in the first part of a two-parter that ended with last weeks episode of ARROW.

Unfortunately for Barry, he does not seem to be getting any faster and Harrison Wells from Earth-2 has no qualms about telling him so without any delicacy. He even goes so far as to tell him that ZOOM is at least three to four times faster than him making Barry even more upset. Why is The Flash not getting any faster? Wells says that it could be any number of things that are holding him back from getting any faster and is his usual blunt self about it. Despite being against it, Caitlyn reluctantly assists Wells after he decides that he is going to make a temporary speed serum to speed up Barry and see if it takes. However, the serum is not up to his uncompromising standards just yet. I like the zeal of EARTH-2 Harrison Wells because he is not afraid of anything but ZOOM. He is willing to take the chances that no one else at STAR Labs is willing to try. Don't get me wrong, he is definitely an abrasive jerk but he gets results.


Meanwhile, at the docks, a ship comes into port carrying a prisoner that the captain said was a stowaway that did not say a word for three weeks. Shackled and handcuffed, the mysterious man takes out all of the men on the dock in a simple fashion. The man is Vandal Savage and he has come to Central City in search of Priestess Chay-Ara aka Kendra Saunders, CC JITTERS' newest barista! While it looks like Cisco is finally going to get some from Kendra as she has set up a fancy dinner at JITTERS for the two of them, Savage shows up putting the kibosh on the romantic meal. Cisco quickly hits his "FLASH distress watch" that summons the speedster to wherever he is and Barry manages to get Savage to disappear. However, the blades that Savage was using are centuries old and not something you buy at Home Depot. Cisco also manages to out Barry as the Flash to Kendra and he is simply like, "DUDE!" Cisco definitely runs a little fast and loose when it comes to superheroes secret identities and such.


Now that Kendra is in on the big secret, they take her to STAR Labs where she is very impressed with Cisco that he works with The Flash. After mulling it over with the team, Barry decides that they need Team Arrow's assistance in Star City despite Cisco's objection. When they get to the home city of the Arrow, he is taking down a group of thugs led by Damien Darhk and gets an assistant from Barry telling them that his team needs their help. I thought the dialogue was a little lame where Speedy was like, "I didn't know we knew The Flash? Do we know The Flash? OK, we know The Flash." A little too cutesy for my taste and very 90's-ish. I NEVER say that about the dialogue either because normally I love it. I am just not a huge fan of bringing in outsiders and doing crossover shows despite last year's working swimmingly.


Back Team Arrow's HQ, it looks like Oliver and Felicity are now fully together and are a serious item. (Last I saw, she was dating Ray Palmer aka THE ATOM but as I said, I'm way behind on ARROW!). Oliver discloses to Barry that he has finally found peace by being with Felicity and that seems to be a good thing for the stoic Mr. Queen. Cisco decides that now is a good time to tell Barry that when he kissed Kendra, he got one of his "vibes." (Not that kind of vibe you perv!) He vibe that the winged being he saw when they kissed was not a man but Kendra as a winged girl. Some kind of Hawkgirl to be exact. Just then, Vandal Savage stores through the window of the penthouse and a quick but epic battle takes place until Speedy shoots a special arrow that knocks him off the balcony much to Oliver's chagrin causing him to yell, "This is why we ask questions!!" Naturally, there is no body of Vandal Savage at the bottom of the high rise causing great concern for both teams. I hate to say it but I kind of think that actress Ciara Renee's acting is very underwhelming and her reactions to her situation are just like, "Ok, I was a barista but I can do this too." Shame because she is really quite stunning.


Kendra decides that she needs some and Cisco attempts to calm her down until a winged man flies in and swoops her up and flies away with her. It is Prince Khufu aka Carter Hall and Kendra begins to have visions again of some kind of past life. Arrow and Flash chase after Hackman and are getting their butts handed to them until they decide to expose his wings and Barry cooks up the lightning trick that Jay taught him to knock out the winged assailant. He tries to tell both teams that he is Prince Khufu from ancient Egypt and that he and Kendra are soulmates and have been for 4000 years. Over 200 times, they have gotten together, die, are reborn, find each other and then are killed by Vandal Savage only to start the whole cycle over again. The reason Vandal came to Central City was to acquire the Staff of Horus, an ancient weapon that is capable of offing both Kendra and Carter. I guess my question is why does he need that now and not the previous 200 some odd times he's already killed the duo? Admittedly, Savage is one bad dude but they do not really explain how he killed the Hawk's the last 200 plus times. Why now does he need the Staff of Horus? 


Carter somehow convinces Kendra to jump off the balcony of Oliver's penthouse so that she will "emerge." Basically, that means if she jumps, her wings need to sprout but it's not guaranteed. Tough choice for a girl who just a few days ago was making half-caf lattes with shots of espresso. First, Carter pushes her off and Barry saves her. Then Oliver has a talk with Barry and they decide that Kendra was being drawn to Central because that is where the ancient Staff of Horus is being held. So its back to Central City now for Oliver and Barry to retrieve the relic.


Back at STAR Labs, Officer Patty shows up and confirms her suspicions of seeing Harrison Wells earlier in the episode. He is standing right in front of her and she draws her weapon. As he is trying to tell her to put her gun down, Patty puts a slug in his chest and Caitlyn comes running in screaming, "OMG, OMG, what did you do?!? Didn't Joe tell you?" Patty has no idea what she is talking about and Caitlyn says to get Joe there pronto. Caitlyn is unable to get the bullet out of Wells and needs the help of a speedster--or a former speedster. Caitlyn boldly decides to call Jay Garrick despite his loss of powers and lets her inject him the speed serum intended for Barry. It works and Jay is able to super-speed his hand and phase into Wells' chest and retrieve the bullet saving his life. When Joe did get there, he told Patty to leave immediately without any explanation so she is probably confused as can be at this point.


While Cisco and Kendra are talking on Oliver's balcony, she suddenly has the courage to jump and sure enough, her wings sprout and she emerges. Looks like Cisco is not going to get the girl now that she has wings and has been resurrected for the past 4000 years and is always tired to Carter. Meanwhile Flash and Arrow are the church in Central City to retrieve the Staff of Horus but Savage already has the staff and decides to blow the church leaving the heroes without many options after he disappears. LOT14

The rest of the gang in Star City realize that they have to get to Central City ASAP and Felicity is ready to fire up the corporate jet to get them there. At CC JITTERS, Oliver is making fun of Barry that there is a special cup of coffee named after THE FLASH. Just then Oliver sees a kid with a Flash action figure who he helps pick it up. When he sees who his mother is, he realizes it is Samantha Clayton, his former lover from a decade ago. It doesn't take much to realize that the little kid, William, is Oliver's son. As it turns out, Oliver's mother had given Samantha a fat check of one million dollars to tell Oliver that she had a miscarriage and to leave Star City.

It was a decent episode and I believe that THE FLASH got the short end of the stick because their episode was all set up and no payoff. The payoff episode of ARROW was much better in my opinion after watching it half a dozen times. Hopefully, we will have that up very shortly!


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