The Flash: “The New Rogues” Review

The Flash TV universe expands even further this week with the introduction of two more villains from the Flash’s Rogues Gallery. Sam Scudder (Mirror Master) and Rosalind Dillon (the Top) are former criminal associates of Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold who gained superpowers during the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs. Scudder was trapped in the mirror dimension for three years although to him no time had passed. Now free, he reunites with Dillon to get revenge on Snart who they believe betrayed them. Scudder has the ability to travel through any reflective surface and Dillon has powers that can induce vertigo in others. The pair goes on a crime spree until confronted by the Flash and Jesse Quick. While The Top uses her powers to disorient Jesse, Mirror Master traps The Flash in a mirror panel and he is unable to escape.

Mirror Master and The Top!

Mirror Master and The Top!

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs Wells suggests the team locate a Harrison Wells from another Earth to replace him on the team once he and Jesse leave. They locate several alternate Earth Wells’ before settling on one from Earth-19, a sort of freewheeling, hipster version. They attempt to free Barry from the mirror panel by freezing it. When this fails, Caitlin snow secretly uses her freeze powers to make it even colder, and Barry is able to break out. He and Jesse confront the villains again, this time taking them out. Wells and Jesse return to Earth-2 leaving the Earth-19 Wells behind who displays a sinister side in the preview to next week’s episode.

Other than Spider-Man and Batman, The Flash might have the most colorful rogue’s gallery of any superhero. Many of his oddball villains were created in the 1960s when being odd and wacky was one of the most important traits. The TV series changes things up by making The Top a female character but other than that their powers are similar. And like those Silver Age villains, these don’t pose much of a real threat to The Flash but provide a nice change of pace from the recent speedster villains.

I love how the writers keep finding new ways to keep Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) in the show by now introducing a third alternate Earth version of the character. It doesn’t look like this one will go so well. It also seems to be a little dangerous for Cisco to be probing into the multiverse so casually. We will see if that angle is tackled at some point. Also, slowly but surely we are seeing Caitlin begin her transformation into Killer Frost. At one point she freezes the water while showering and notices her hair beginning to turn white and her lips blue.

This week was a quite a fun episode. The interplay between Cisco and Wells is always a highlight and several plotlines were moved along even if the villains were disposable.

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