It's hard to believe that it has been almost 25 years since THE ROCKETEER debuted on the big screen. And I gotta say that I have been waiting for an affordable figure for the hero that stumbled upon a jetpack made by Howard Hughes since 1991. In a plot to save the rocket pack from the clutches of the Nazi's, I still think this is one of the most underrated films of the 90's. As far as figures go, there were a couple of close ones with some bendable figures and some overseas figures that would have made me choose between college and the figure. However it would be years before the average Action Figure Junkie could afford. Thankfully, last year, FUNKO released their POP Vinyl & ReACTION figure in 3 & 3/4 form in color plus a special black & white SDCC edition. However this did not satiate the jones that fans had for a real sized figure for battle. (Not to take anything away from you 3 & 3/4 figures, AFJ still loves ya)


I always thought that it was ironic that director Joe Johnston would twenty years later direct CAPTAIN AMERICAN: THE FIRST AVENGER because he has such a feel for that 30's and 40's era. Both films made in two totally different eras feel and watch like they are from the same director made in the same year and wouldn't you know it, its Johnston behind the lens on both. Plus this is Joe Johnston here. The guy worked on RETURN OF THE JEDI so he's no slouch! Since there are quite a few Captain America figures out there, let's move on to what we're here for THE ROCKETEER from FUNKO's LEGACY Collection at the 6-inch form. And its about time already! Plus with the roll that FUNKO is on with POP!, VINYL IDOLS and the LEGACY COLLECTION at under $20, I am one happy Junkie that I have finally scored one for myself.


First, you have the FUNKO LEGACY boxing which is similar to the MARVEL LEGENDS boxing in that you can remove it in and out of the package with ease. I have been finding that some ROCKETEERS have the rocket pack off and packaged in the front of the case while others have the rocket already strapped on the back of ace flyer Cliff. Preferably I would like to see the one with the rocket pack in the front of the window box just because I am a MOC (Mint on Card) collector but that's just me. Cliff does come with a sidearm which I believe is a Luger that he took off a Nazi in the film but I can't remember exactly. But come on, who needs a gun when you've got a rocket pack and you're flying like a bat out of hell? Fortunately, I was up close and personal getting an eyeful at TOY FAIR of the rocket pack and it is very cool looking and screen accurate might I add. The awesome and instantly recognizable helmet from the film that Peevy designed is absolutely perfect and I would love to have the lifesize one that they sell on my business desk one day. It will give clients the illusion that maybe I have the rocket pack somewhere else in the office.


As far as "the costume," which is really just Cliff's flight duds, boots, and jacket; they are all torn right from the screen and look terrific. The figure takes great photographs in good lighting and it also is perfect for those little flight stands that they make now for 6-inch figures. If ever there was a perfect one of those accouterments to use on a figure, the FUNKO LEGACY ROCKETEER is most definitely it. The likeness between actor Billy Campbell and the face on the figure, particularly the hair have a terrific similarity. The pants I noticed also have a little wear and tear of grease on them that I think gives the whole figure a better look of authenticity. If you look close on the hands with the leather gloves, it appears to have a slight uplifting on both sides which could be the trigger to blast off or just my eyes playing tricks on me. The fact is I am just giddy to finally have a 6-INCH ROCKETEER figure in my Junkie arsenal!


I do want to reiterate a warning that FUNKO had issued earlier in the year about the LEGACY COLLECTION and some of the issues with delicate hands and extremities. Personally, I have not had any issues but like any collectible, I like to be hyper-careful with my collection and there are plenty of online tutorials should you run into a quick fix you need. Still, overall, this is my favorite FUNKO LEGACY yet!

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