To our AFJ Family –

I have had to do some difficult things during my lifetime. What I am about to write now is going to be among the hardest. On May 5, 1974, Jason, Captain Jnkie’s brother was born. When Jarrett was born two years later my world is complete. As my boys grew so did their love for movies, toys, and action figures. It was a bond that grew and kept them close over the years to the point that after going to see a movie, they would call each other excited to compare notes on what they had just seen. Unfortunately, our beautiful son, Jarrett, Captain Junkie, Head Junkie in Charge, passed away four months ago on the 5th of the month making May the 5th a difficult day for Jason and all the junkies who knew and loved Jarrett. And even those who didn’t know him, but have learned of him over the last four months. But I want Jason to know that although the fifth of each month will be difficult, this month is bittersweet. Bitter because of what happened on January 5th, but sweet because it was the day Jason came into our lives. Now when Jason leaves the movies, he calls or texts MJ who has taken over as the brother figure and I think God for that. I want all of you to know that these past four months have been almost impossible to endure, but AFJ is keeping us going. Each day watching the membership increase – watching all of you get happiness from what Jarrett began gives us joy. Jarrett sees it and he knows it, and he will always be beside us.
Kruse(Jason Kruse on the left, Jarrett Kruse on the right)

I thank the ones closest to us each month: The Admins (Rick Alaia, Jason Nelson, Marc Wasserman, Mark Seekamp, Jessica Napkin, Shell Alaia, Jason Stewart, Jason Silva, Edgar Reynoso, Rex Jaycox, John Granelli, Christian Kelly, Justin Pompa, and Antonio Medina), Jason, MJ, Stephanie, Bob, Evan, Jason, Ross, RJ, Christina - Those who have helped us get through the worst possible time of our lives. But I also want to thank all of you out there for helping Jarrett’s legacy go on and for keeping his memory alive. He truly was a Captain and the Head Junkie in Charge.

AFJ, All For Jarrett - we thank you, Jarrett, for bringing joy to so many the way you brought joy to us. So happy birthday Jason – your brother adored and idolized you, and prayed he would always be a Part of AFJ - And on this fifth day of the month Jarrett is hoping this birthday will bring you “AFJ” happiness that will keep growing today, tomorrow, and always. I am here to listen and talk to anyone who wants to share about Captain Junkie and how AFJ came to be - The months and years of pain and the tears and laughter too... anything... I will be here for you. For now, this is Mama Junkie signing off. For now, until next time, I thank you from my heart.

- Mama Junkie
Jarrett Kruse

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    Beth and Richie May 5, 2018 at 5:37 pm

    We love you Mama Junkie. Our friendship is one of the highlights of our life together. We wish you and Papa Junkie weren’t going through this pain, but Richie and I will ALWAYS be there for you. May AFJ honor Jarrett the way he deserves to be honored. We love you. Beth and Richie

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