Top 10 Funko Pop! SDCC 2019 Exclusives [Prior]

As typical, Funko is bringing a bit of everything to SDCC this year with over 70 items with most of them being Pops. As typical, the majority are shared with retailers across the US. Fans reactions have been more lackluster this year than in prior years; rather than people feeling the need to buy them all, most seem to be keeping their hunting to less than 10 on average.  My personal wants are probably closer to 5.

If you are planning to take to the stores (or sites) on Thursday/Friday, here are some that you may want to consider. For this list, I’m only taking into account the shared exclusives that are more easily attainable, so I’m leaving out those only available at the convention, the Funko Shop, and Toy Tokyo. These are not ranked in order, but these are my predictions for what will be the 10 most popular. #AFJ4LIFE

1. Kang and Kodos – The Simpsons (GameStop)

The Simpsons have been on the air for 30 years and their fan base is enormous. With a resurgence of the Pops with the recent second wave and recently announced a wave of Tree House of Horror Pops, these are a must for anyone collecting the Simpsons line. Plus they glow in the dark!

2. Red Chrome Super Saiyan Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z (Hot Topic)
One of the most popular lines of Pops and collectibles, in general, is Dragon Ball Z. Couple that with the recent chrome craze and you have a guaranteed hit. Although many collectors don’t like the chrome, those hardcore fans can’t leave this gap in their sets.  I’m confident that this will sell out at Hot Topic’s early on Thursday morning.

3. Gotenks (Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack) – Dragon Ball Z (Box Lunch)
Not only is this another DBZ for the collection, but this is an awesome mold. Most Pops tend to be pretty bland and often just show a character standing, but in more recent releases, we’ve started to see Funko really putting more and more detail into the molds. This floating ghost isn’t the first of this style, I believe it is a first for the DBZ line.  I could also see out of box collectors wanting multiple of these to display a small Kamikaze Ghost army.

4. Carl and Ellie – Up (Box Lunch)
Some of the most diehard collectors of Pops tend to gravitate to some of the animation lines. If you’re like my wife, when you watch Up, you may skip the opening to avoid the early tears. However, no one can deny that the opening montage of Carl and Ellie’s budding love is not iconic. Funko is tugging at our heartstrings along with our wallets with this must-have for fans.

5. Man-Thing – Marvel (Entertainment Earth)
Often mistaken for Swamp Thing, Man-Thing is one of those often-overlooked characters. However, he definitely has a cult following. Funko has a bad habit of creating the same characters repeatedly with minor changes (poses, chrome, glow in the dark, etc), so when they release a new character, the response is generally pretty good; making this a con exclusive, just makes sure this will be a sought after piece.

6. Shark Biting Quint – Jaws (Entertainment Earth)
The large pops are often a hard sell, but this iconic scene is a must-have for any fan of Jaws. The only problem with this is that Funko has already released 2 versions of the shark and collectors are likely tired of spending money on what is basically the same figure. However, if you are going to only have one in your collection, this is the one to have. Regardless, this is going to be a hard one to get

7. Teal Chrome Batman – Batman (Gamestop)
Despite the overwhelming number of Batman Pops already released, this will sell out. There has been a different color chrome Batman released at each convention for the last few years. For those collectors that are lucky enough to have those early ones, this is a must to keep the set complete. Add to this, that awesome anniversary box, and this is just too cool to pass up.

8. Fawkes – Harry Potter (Hot Topic)
When Dumbledore’s loyal phoenix got released as a Pop, fans were a bit upset that it was not flocked. Now we’re getting the Fawkes we deserved. Harry Potter fans have proven that no matter how many items are released, they will continue to support it. Although I don’t collect this line, I will likely buy this one. The sculpt on this looks fantastic, and I expect in person it will really something amazing to see.

9. Justice League Cosplay – Big Bang Theory (Walmart)
Technically, these are sold individually, but let’s just be honest, most people are going to buy them all as a set. I think Funko should have just sold it as a 5 pack. With the show recently wrapped up, fans are still hungry for more, and Funko is bringing the heat with this throwback to an early season where the cast attends a Halloween party dressed as members of the Justice League. The only thing that would have been better is if they had more limited con pack of all four guys dressed as the Flash.

10. Astronaut Snoopy – Peanuts (Barnes & Noble)
Peanuts is a timeless classic. Even the younger generation that often does not know movie and music references older than 10-15 years, can recognize Snoopy. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing, Snoopy has donned his spacesuit and is ready for takeoff. The Funko Peanuts line is a few years old now, so this may do well to bring some life back into this classic and we’ll likely see an increase in interest in those older Pops.

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