Top 10 Hot Toys for July – Funko Edition

Looking back on July, not only did we see a lot of great offerings from Funko at SDCC, but many exciting announcements of things coming out in the near future.  Based on observations on our own AFJ Facebook group, as well as other popular groups dedicated specifically to Funko products, here are the Top 10 Hot Toys for July – Funko Edition.

The following items are in no particular order.

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The Simpsons - Kang and Kodos

One of the first shared exclusives to sell out both online and in GameStops across the country, this Glow in the Dark 2 pack features a fan-favorite two-some from Rigel VII. Kicking off The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror line, Kang and Kodos look absolutely amazing in hand. A common complaint about Funko Pop figures is that there really is no scale; often larger figures are presented in the same 3-inch style as every other character. In this case, the domed helmets actually make these appear to be quite larger than the standard figure giving a slight height advantage, making for a much better display.

Up – Carl and Ellie
Another instant sellout from the shared exclusives was the two-pack featuring Carl and Ellie as children as seen in the opening montage of the hit film Up. Though many associate sadness with the couple, it is impossible to not feel happy when you see this set. Funko really did an amazing job capturing the youthful optimism that we see in the movie.

Funday Freddy Funkos
For those of you not familiar with Funko Fundays, it is essentially a Funko after-party during SDCC.  Tickets are extremely limited and sell out in seconds. It is planned and hosted by Funko CEO Brian Mariotti and is often attended by celebrities, as well as, the biggest Funko fanatics from around the world.  Beyond just a party, guests are given goodie bags known as the Box of Fun containing some of the hardest to get and most valuable pops produced each year. Most of these feature Funko’s mascot Freddy Funko cosplaying as well known characters and are limited in production from 24 to around 500. For the past 2 years, Funko has also sold a Box of Fun on their website for fans that cannot attend, these contain a different offering of Freddy Funko pops limited to numbers between 3000 and 5000. Some of this years Freddys include Frankenstein, Chucky, Rick, Venom, Colonel Sanders, and several others.

For several years now, Conan O’Brien has hosted his show from SDCC and as part of that event, has handed out to members of the crowd custom Conan pops. These are limited to, I believe, 500 of each produced. Every year, people scramble to get these pops often having to resort to Facebook groups or eBay to be able to add them to their collection.  This year’s lineup consisted of Pennywise, Iron Man, Jon Snow, and Woody, with the most popular being Pennywise and Iron Man.

Dragon Ball Z – Gotenks Super Ghost Kamikaze

Another shared exclusive that many struggled to get their hands on was the Gotenks Ghost at Box Lunch.  DBZ fans are insatiable, so it was no surprise that this unique mold was a must-have for collectors. Though admittedly, I do not watch DBZ, I have many friends that do and they all suggested that I get one. I managed to get this in my online order along with the Up 2 pack mentioned above, just before both items sold out during the first hour that exclusives went live.

Rat Fink
Although many people do not even know where the Rat Fink character is from, it has been a very sought after Pop among Funko collectors online.  A Toy Tokyo exclusive, there were three versions released, a grey chrome, a green chrome, and a regular glow in the dark. The regular glow version seems to be the most popular based on all the ISO posts I’ve seen on Funko groups. Toy Tokyo exclusives are only available from the Funko booth in San Diego; however, after the con ends, there is usually an allocated amount made available on their website. This year they did a bundle featuring one of each of their offerings with a random Rat Fink from among the three options.  I received the green chrome myself, but have already secured a regular glow version from a friend overseas.

Otter Pops – Louie-Bloo Raspberry
One line that drives many collectors into a frenzy is the Ad Icons. These are often very nostalgic in nature since they are comprised of advertising mascots that many of us grew up with. In this case, the Otter Pops. The whole line up has just been released in stores as common Pops; however, Louie-Bloo Raspberry was only available from the Funko booth at SDCC and was limited to only 1,000 pieces produced. This made sure that every person that had the option to buy on at the booth did whether they collect Ad Icons or even knew what an Otter Pop is. The resell value and potential for trade were just too high to pass up on.

Tom Hanks
This may be cheating slightly, but I can’t pick just one, so I’m counting them all. As one of America’s most beloved actors, Tom Hanks has starred in so many amazing films, and Funko is dropping some major must have Pops in the coming months. Announced all in the past few weeks, we’re getting Big, Cast Away, A League of Their Own, and Forrest Gump. It would be hard for someone to not want at least one of these. Personally, I’ll probably be picking up all of them.

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror
As a life long Simpsons collector, any figure they put out, I’m going to buy, but when I saw the announcement for a Treehouse of Horror set, I placed my pre-order immediately.  Even the casual Simpsons fan, can’t deny the allure of the annual Halloween spectacular that is the Treehouse of Horror episode. Often spoofing popular movies and shows such as Dracula, The Twilight Zone, King Kong, Planet of the Apes, etc. the toys based on these episodes are always a hot item, and I’m sure these will be no different.

Steve Irwin

For anyone that lived through the late ’90s, Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter has a special place in your memories.  The seemingly fearless Aussie is finally getting the Funko treatment. There is both a common and a chase variant being made, and I for one am very excited for these.  It’s not often that a single release garners a lot of attention when it isn’t part of a current blockbuster, but fans are excited to add Steve to their collections of humanitarian icons such as Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, Dr. Seuss, and others.

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