By Rick Alaia

Hey! What’s up, Junkies? Admin at large, Rick here! I’m bringing you a couple of quick updates about some of the Toys R Us information that was passed on to me on two occasions in the last couple of days. This info comes straight from a Manager and Assistant Manager independently, both working in 2 different stores. The Assistant Manager I have personally known for almost 10 years was whom I talked to most recently. This is information that directly affects my district, however, was heavily indicated that all districts should be operating in the same fashion.
Toys R Us
~ All stores that were not part of the initial closing WILL continue to get trucks twice a week. This will happen until warehouses and pooling locations are empty. All stores in my district have full stock already in the backroom but will continue to get the two truck deliveries, weekly. So don’t count out finding those TRU Exclusives just yet! Give the stores remaining open a visit daily if you are looking for their exclusives like the ML Hydra pack, for example.
Toys R Us
~If you are looking for those great deals of 50% to 75% off of the awesome items that are still currently being stocked, don’t. Stores will not begin to jump to 20% on items for quite a few weeks in the stores that are still getting trucks. The sales are so strong that the liquidation company has no intention of selling anything but junk stock to third-party liquidators Like Ollies, Big Lot’s, etc.
Toys R Us
~Stores that are getting the trucks WILL remain open until late June or early July. The sales have been so strong in these stores that they are up an average of 300% + in sales compared to last year at this time at these locations. This has enabled them to extend the life of these stores for an extra month or so.

I was given much more information, however, none of it seemed relevant or necessary info to bend your ear further. I mean how many Junkies care why the liquidation company only keeps two registers open at a time? 😉

Happy Hunting! I’ll see you guys and gals on the page!

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